About us

In this website you will find tips, single point lessons step-by-step on how to draw everything from people to landscapes to inanimate objects and as well as some science fiction or creative characters.initial lessons that I will be down on the pages will be very simple and straightforward no crazy foreshadowing or realistic shading at first because you have to start somewhere and the basics is where you should start.

Even if you are a complete beginner, we’re sure you’ll find our content easy-to-follow – in just a short time, you might be even be able to teach your friends and family how to draw anything you learn on this website.

I remember the first thing I learned in illustration school was that everything in life, everything around you is made up of your for basic shapes. The triangle, square, circle and rectangle. Everything everything everywhere that you see is made up of those basic shapes ultimately. Your coffee mug sitting are you is made up of the circle, computer screen looking at is your square or rectangle depending on the size of the screen. The door is a big rectangle, and even a person is comprised of these basic shapes some may be a little more prominent than others but nonetheless they are made up of the basic shapes. That if you keep that in mind when you go to do a drawing say for instance, a landscape he’s basic shapes are everywhere in front of you you just need to see them as they are.